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Essay On The Events Of The Russian Revolution

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By January of 1917, the people of Russia were fed up with many aspects of their life, including not being fed. The revolution was finally ready, incited by popular leaders with devout followers and years worth of history leading up to the revolution.On January 9, 1917, 140,000 people struck in Petrograd to commemorate Bloody Sunday. The start of the revolution is marked by the large number of protests across the country.On January 9, 1917, 140, 000 people go on strike in Petrograd to commemorate Bloody Sunday. Strikes all across the country in many cities show the beginning of something huge coming together. In the next month, strikes would occur, and the Workers Group, one of many socialist political parties, would call for the immediate removal of the Tsar. At the same time at the end of February, food shortages force the Duma to call for a provisional government. On February 23rd, things had started to simmer over as over 100,000 protest on International Women's Day, and revolutionary slogans are chanted and banners show up in the crowd. The next day carried over the momentum and more and more people are still coming. On the 25th, over 200,000 are protesting and violence between the protesters and the government was increasing. Instead of chanting for food, the protesters were now calling for the removal of the Tsar, and all free members of the Workers Group are arrested. The next day, the Tsar had heard about the event taking place and authorized military force. Troops fired on protesters but then disobey orders and mutiny. The day after this mutiny, a Petrograd garrison, ordered to fire on protesters, mutinied and joined the protesters. They start to arm the crowd by seizing arsenals, and the crowd had started to attack police and free political prisoners. In the next two days, the Tsar's ministers were captured, the Duma and the Soviets(the socialist committees) elect members, and the Soviets issue the Order of the Petrograd, claiming authority over the army. The Duma and the Soviet agree upon a provisional government, and on March 1st, the British and the French recognize the provisional government. Two days later the Tsar's brother turns down the offer of the crown, ending the Royal line. Russia is now ruled by the liberal Provisional government and the socialist soviet.In the beginning of May, Leon Trotsky, one of the socialists most influential leaders returned to Russia from exile in New York City. Trotsky was one of the revolutions brightest minds, a strong dignified man, and a charismatic leader.By the month of June, the country had stabilized enough that political parties had started to try to gain some power for themselves, no longer united in their effort to remove the Tsar. Splits in political allegiances caused distrust and separation among political parties. The moderate Menshevik and Social Republic parties are dominant,...

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