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Essay On The Green Parti In Sweden

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IntroductionThe Green Party is a Swedish party which was formed in 1981, they put most of the environment. They want to take on the climate, giving all children a fair chance in school and pursue new jobs and equality. Gustav Fridolin and Asa Romson is two party's voice, in place of a leader. Language tubes are the party's prominent members, their main task is to carry out the Party's policy. They believe that by having two mouthpieces instead of a party leader has the Green Party a more equal leadership. The Green Party's party symbol is the dandelion. There is a dandelion that blasts through the asphalt, it will symbolize that nature is a powerful force that can overcome what threatens it. Politically describes the Green Party as a block loose midsection. They say they then collaborates with both the bourgeois as the socialist bloc in different issues and at different levels. School is an important topic that you should think carefully before voting. I myself go to school and want the best for me and everyone else. The school is also important for the future of children, therefore it is very important to focus on school. Asa Romsons quote, "We who are alive today have a responsibility to those who come after us," I agree completely with. Students need more time with their teachers, while teachers need better conditions and higher pay. This is just what the Green Party achieve. Sweden has since the 90s implemented cuts to schools, preschools and at leisure. Teachers do not have time to do a good job for that classes are too large simply.schoolSchool is an important topic as the Green Party takes seriously. According to the party's website the party wants to increase the number of educated adults per child in school, the municipalities to provide childcare on working hard and that the UNCRC is to be Swedish law and that children should be with the design community. They also believe that the best investment Sweden can do is to invest in future generations. That one should first analyze how political decisions affect future generations is very important.teacherThe Green Party also wants to give all teachers better working conditions and higher pay. They want to allow teachers to spend more time teaching and discussion with the students than paperwork. They'll even get more rights to decide if a student needs extra support. They therefore want to introduce prescription right that means that teachers themselves should be able to determine if a student should get extra help with something in school. They also believe that if you raise the pay of teachers there will be more young people who want to invest in the teaching profession. It is important that all schools have highly trained and dedicated teachers. Teachers should simply give students the support they need to be developed based on their circumstances. But to the meeting between teacher and student should work fine as do the schools more resources. The teachings will be designed based on each...

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