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Essay On The Old Man And The Sea By Ernest Hemingway

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With close ties to Hemingway through the Nordquist line of my family, it is a great honor to write this essay.

To Have and Have Not (1932), Death in the Afternoon (1932), Green Hills of Africa (1935), where three of the the stories to have been written on the L-Bar-T Ranch owned by my Great Grandparents Lawrence and Olive Nordquist.

On July 21, 1899, Ernest Hemingway was born to Grace Hall-Hemingway and Clarence Edmonds Hemingway in Oak Park, Illinois. He started off his writing career in high school, when he was writing sports articles for the high school newspaper. From there, he moved on to writing for the Kansas City Star, where he learned to write in his unique short ...view middle of the document...

Little to Santiago’s knowledge, a search party has been sent to look for him after he fails to return. Santiago does not find out about this until he is home. After a while, Santiago is jolted awake by the marlin`s acrobatic maneuvers. Santiago does his best to not let the marlin gain any of the rope. A little while later, the marlin begins to circle and Santiago takes this chance to do what he does best. Finally, Santiago is close enough to the marlin to spear and end its life. After Santiago ties the marlin to the skiff, Santiago sets sail for home. As we learn, the corpse of the marlin is nothing but bone upon Santiago`s return due to the insurmountable amount of sharks that came to say "Hello" during the journey home. Upon arrival, Santiago stumbles to his shack and falls into a steady sleep. He awakes to Manolin speaking of joining him again and coffee. After the exchange of a few words, Manolin leaves and Santiago falls into a deep sleep. He dreams of lions on a beach.

In "The Old Man and the Sea", there are a couple of underlying themes going on. The first theme is "Pride, where motivation lies", and the second theme is "Honor in the trials of life". The first theme is evident from the beginning of the novella. Santiago is a man of pride and will stop at nothing to complete his goals. This is seen in his constant persuit of the marlin even after being injured and thrown about. His love of the marlin, a and his pride of a fisherman, never wavers even while the sharks come after and feast upon his caught prey. Santiago does not waver in his resolve to find a resolution that fits into his ambitions. The second theme also shows itself underneath the first theme the second the story starts. Santiago is also a man of honor. He faces everything that comes his way with an unmatched physical and mental strength. Santiago does not back down when faced with death nor does he backtrack on his decisions. An example of this would be when he battles the sharks. Even though he knows how dangerous they are, he faces them head on until the very end of the meat on the marlin. Therefore, Santiago is not just a man of pride, he is also a man of honor.

In reading "The Old Man and the Sea", it was felt that a few things needed to be covered. The first...

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