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Essay On The Poem "A Certain Lady"

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ENC 1102
“A Certain Lady” is a poem written by Dorothy Parker. This poem expresses the multitude of emotions the lady undergoes as the man she’s in love with talks about endeavors with other women. Throughout the poem, the woman listens to the man exchange about his affairs. However, despite his unwillingness to “see” her she still loves him regardless. It’s almost as if she’s desperate or helpless to get his attention. In this poem, the reader will learn the symbolism, literary devices, and overall tone the author conveys in this piece.
The poem touches on the principle of love that the woman has for the man. For example, in stanza one, “Oh I can smile for you, and tilt my head / And drink your rushing words with eager lips” (1-2). The woman is in awe of this man and completely captivated by his presence. The poem uses symbols like “eager lips” depicts the attraction the speaker feels. She personifies his words as she states by “drinking” them which is an example of personification. She attributes a human characteristic like drinking to an inanimate object(words). Furthermore, she goes on to state what she loves about him, yet he precedes to list all his past loves ignorant of her feelings. The whole time while doing so she’s putting on a “gay” act for him although deflecting from her “real” pain. She begins to entice him by touching him, but it isn’t enough to “paint her mouth” or to “trace his brows (3-4). It’s clearly a hyperbole when the speaker states in stanza one, “The thousand little deaths my heart has died” (8). In this statement, the author uses a metaphor to compare what a broken heart feels like. She exaggerates every time the man tells of his lovers as her heart breaking a thousand times. The woman suffers from a broken heart and shows signs of being distraught. From this...

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