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28 November 2017
Comp for Play?
Should collegiate level athletes receive compensation for their great efforts on and off the field? This is a highly disputed question. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is “a non-profit organization which regulates athletes of 1,281 institutions, conferences, and individuals. The NCAA currently prohibits athletes to receive prize compensation for playing. Professional athletes receive multi-million dollar contracts for playing and endorsements. While the collegiate athletes get nothing but a “good job”. This seems very unfair since the schools that the athletes play for and the NCAA bring in billions from the athlete’s performance. Student athletes spend countless hours a week contributing to their sport and are still expected to meet the rigorous academic requirements. They often have to wake up very early in the morning to attend mandatory workouts.
Playing in any division of the NCAA is a huge honor but is by no means easy. Playing a college sport consumes your life. The daily life of a student athlete does not have much down time as most days are fully planned out. Here is an example of a daily schedule of a division 1 football player. Wake up at six am to eat breakfast, receive treatment and workout. Then from eight am to eleven am they go to class. It is very common for student athletes to take online courses as they receive free tutoring. These tutors work with the team to aid them in classes and keep them above the required gpa (2.3). They usually get fed lunch around noon provided by the football program. After lunch, there is another lifting session. After the lift, they receive supplements to recover and stay hydrated. They also receive any treatment required to stay in peak athletic wellbeing. After all that they hit the books. Not class, but meetings. Usually with their positional coaches they will review film of themselves, or opposing teams. These meetings are very important as most sports require a great amount of mental capacity so the meetings offer a time for players to connect and understand what is required of them. Then at about three pm they hit the field for practice. Practices are usually about two to two and a half hours. This is where everything happens. Players work on techniques and skills with their positions and then the team comes together to work on game scenarios. After practice players are offered more treatment if needed. At about 6pm players are fed dinner as the end of their day nears. Food is provided by the football program. Most programs have their own kitchen and dining areas and nutritionist to keep the team going. After dinner, they head back to their dorms but still have work to do. They are students before athletes and college requires a great amount of studying. Then the next day they wake up and do it all over again. Sounds like a full-time job. These athletes devote their lives to this...

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