Essay On Ufo's And Whether Or Not They Are Real; Includes Works Cited.

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UFOs: Are They Real?UFOs have been one of the greatest mysteries of all times. From the beginning of time humans have seen UFOs. The real mystery is whether or not a UFO is a ship from another planet. There have been numerous reports of flying saucers. Many of them have been able to be explained and some were even elaborate hoaxes. But still, there are a few out there that are unexplainable and could quiet possibly be visitors from somewhere else in the universe. Even the government has admitted after long studies that some of the reported cases seem to lean towards extraterrestrials. UFO stands for unidentified flying object. Therefore the facts clearly show that UFOs are real.The most famous of all the sightings was the Roswell incident. Roswell was the first major sighting and sparked worldwide interest in UFOs. One night in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 an object was seen shooting across the sky and into the ground. A few seconds later witnesses reported hearing a loud bang. The next morning a local rancher who heard the noise went out to investigate. When he reached the site he found pieces of a very pliable but strong metal of which he had never seen before. He also found a large saucer and four alien bodies strewn about. When he reported it to the local Air Force base they sent a dozen trucks to take it all away. In the next day's newspaper the headlines read that the Air Force had recovered an alien ship and four bodies. However two days later the government now said that it was just a top secret weather balloon. When the rancher was requestioned a few years later he said that some very high ranking officers had forced him to change his story. Other witnesses have also come out to tell of a government cover-up. One such witness said she was a nurse for the Air Force at the time and had helped with the autopsy of an alien body a few days after the crash. All these facts point to a government cover-up of an extraterrestrial landing.The Roswell incident ignited a wave of sightings which eventually calmed down. However in 1952 the hysteria began again. It was known as the 1952 wave or "the big flap." The reported sightings to the Air Force for 1952 were 1,501 up from 169 the previous year (Cohen 35). And those numbers only consider the reported sightings. Many people didn't bother to report them because they thought there was a government conspiracy. It is estimated that upwards of 10,000 UFO sightings really occurred in the US. These high numbers were caused by numerous sightings over large cities. The 1952 wave ignited the world's ideas of extraterrestrials.One of the most famous sightings over a large city were the many sightings over Belgium. One night a triangular shaped object with round lights in the corner and a large light in the center flew over the city. Over 30 people reported the same exact sighting including three police patrols. The object even appeared on the radar of a local Air Force base and the Belgium airport. The sittings...

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