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Essay On Uniting People In The Color Purple

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Uniting People in The Color Purple  

Red, a color of hatred, a color of anger, a color of oppression. Purple, a color of pride, a color of love, a color of triumph. The clashing of colors, and the uniting of a people. Think of how much more we would see if we did not have eyes. Physical appearances rule the world; the spiritual and emotional gifts emanating from within each individual are left to live an empty existence of incessant, smother-some abuse and to die a tragic and appalling death.

Through colloquial diction, emotionally and spiritually turbulent episodes, and an uninhibited, straight-forward writing style, Alice Walker's The Color Purple, astonishingly displays society's alienation of the African-American woman. Celie, a homely woman, lived a life of penetrating violence. At an early age the man thought to be her father shamelessly soiled her fourteen year old body for his own carnal satisfaction; she did "what her mammy wouldn't". With one forceful act of violence a childhood ended and a life-time of pain began. The only reason for Celie's existence was to fulfill the needs of a vile and abusive congregation of men. The white man destroyed the black man, the black man destroyed the woman. An endless cycle of rancor and insecurity dominated the lives of women who knew not of their own talents and self-worth. Bare-foot and pregnant, was the only way of life for these abandoned souls. "She ugly. But she ain't no stranger to hard work. And she clean. And God done fixed her. You can do everything just like you want to and she ain't gonna make you feed it or clothe it." Celie, sold, like a slave, into an unloving marriage, represents the indifference and ignorance of society.

Celie's marriage to Mr._____ pushed her further into the depths of despair. Day after day, night after night she absorbed emotional and physical brutality from her husband and his children. Not only did Celie fulfill her wifely duties, but she was not even allowed to address her husband by his first name. Her home, a jail, the world, her warden.

Women of varying personalities throughout the novel banded together to diminish the tyrannical rule of the male population. Shug Avery, a woman of the world offered Celie a life blossoming with the fruits of respect and love. For the first time in Walker's piece the ambiguous area of homosexual tendencies arises. Avery's character provided a source of strength and shrewdness throughout the novel. Celie turned to...

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