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Essay On Working Out Eng4 U Essay

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Grammar Essay
The thought of bettering one’s self through physical activities has been a long-standing belief for many years. Modern day fitness has altered a tremendous amount since fitness became so popular. Although fitness has been around for a long time and the changes that have happened are extreme, there are many different people who give dreadful advice towards fitness and there only listened to because they have decently looking body physiques. Despite the fact fitness has a lot the do with physicality, the mental aspect to it is a lot more intense.
Weight training is no modern invention. The first form of weightlifting dates back to the Egyptians, pictures inside some tombs showing people lifting bags full of sand and throwing exercises. Germany, Scotland and Spain followed in some of the same exercises. Weightlifting took a hard turn towards the 1900’s when the invention of adjustable, weight loaded barbell. Weight training grew exponentially at this time because it was easier to movie weights on and off a bar, but also sport coaches noticed a huge increase in athleticism so they would force their teams to work out. Bodybuilding soon came around, on Muscle beach in Venice, California. Bodybuilding was performed by those who went into physique shows, Male or female. After sometime people who weren’t as intrigued in bodybuilding still wanted to partake in weight lifting. This is when the man Arthur Jones created the Nautilus Machines (stand up bikes, treadmills and elliptical), these machines inspired a whole new crowd of people to gyms. This invention inspired a fitness revolution.
Fitness and gyms have come a long way since the beginning. Starting with strength training that evolved into Bodybuilding, which then broke off into so many different types of fitness. The preference of workouts all depend on what...

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