Essay On Writting By Alexander Pope Alittle Learining Is A Dangerous Thing

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Alexander Pope wrote that, "A little learning is a dangerous thing; / drink deep, or taste not the Pierian Spring." When it comes to the topic of learning, most of us will agree that the ability to learn is by of your own control. Where this agreement usually ends, however, we can say that learning makes you knowledgeable of the unknown and question the consequences that come with learning. Whereas some are convinced that how we learn needs an improvement, others maintain that there is no cause for alarm on that matter.It relates to us today because learning enlightens you of the unfamiliar. As Plato states, "that he is reluctantly dragged up a steep and rugged ascent ... he will not be able to see anything at all of what are now called realities (17)." Plato in his own words is telling us that learning is a journey of understanding. What is not defined to us at first, then given knowledge, becomes clearer of what we did not know before the journey had begun. To learn is defined as the act or process of acquiring knowledge or skill. For instance before we can read or write we must first learn the alphabet. The alphabet at one time was of the unknown before we gain the ability to learn why is was important. To put it another we may choose to continue our education in college to obtain the ability of a yet unknown career. Learning helps us understand more of what we don't understand.Adding to Alexander Pope's argument, I would point out that common knowledge brings danger to the mind of the person who is learning, and to the subject of which that person is learning. I use Frederick Douglass as my example. His first understanding of knowledge began with the simple fact that he was a house servant during the time of slavery. Douglass' mind was far advance beyond anyone's knowledge even himself. His mind would not accept that he must remain a slave for the rest of his life. Douglass found other...

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