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The Challenges Of Writing With Dyslexia

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I haven’t done a lot of writing in the past. However, the writing I have done has just been for my school. I have never liked writing so I kept writing only to what I needed to write for school. But the kinds of writing I have done are reports, autobiographies, and writing about people from history. I never wanted to do my writing assignments like I was supposed to, which didn’t help me learn how to write. I also have the writing I did last semester, which wasn’t much. But the writing I did do last semester helped my writing so much. Last semester I learned how to put a paper together and what goes into a paper; I didn’t know a lot about writing before last semester. Also, I learned how to do MLA, which I had no idea how to do before. Writing is difficult and I don’t see myself using writing often.
I don’t see myself using writing a lot in my future. I will only use writing when I need to for business. I am not going to go around writing all the time and I don’t see myself using writing a lot when I am done with school. So, I am going to try not to use writing a lot but when I need to I know I will have the skills to write. Hopefully I can get by with as little writing as possible once I am done with school. I don’t want to have to write much I my schooling, but I know I will have to some. However, I won’t be doing a career where I have to write a lot.
Writing is difficult for many reasons. I have dyslexia, which make writing more difficult. Although dyslexia makes school more difficult I have never let it stop me and I am not going to start now. Also, I have never been good at coming up with words that sound good together and I don’t like to write. I am also not confident with my writing I never think it’s good. Getting started has been a problem for me as well. Having to start writing isn’t easy, but after I am started it is not as hard. Also, I am not good at knowing how to put the paragraphs together to make the most sense, which makes my writing not as good.
Dyslexia makes reading, writing, and math a little more difficult for me. I will often see letters backwards or upside down. However, when I lived in Alabama I got to opportunity to go to a dyslexia training clinic, which helped me improve my reading a lot. I would go in and we would practice reading words and do exercise to help improve my eye strength. Also, the training clinic would give me homework, so I could get practice at home as well. But, when I was twelve I had to stop going because my family moved to Indiana. However, the time I did get to go helped me by improving my reading.
When I was in school I went to something called co-op. Co-op is a place where homeschooled students can take classes. There are all kinds of classes including cooking, sewing, Spanish, physical education, and any other classes’ people are willing to teach. Also, some of the classes count for high school credits and others are just for fun. For example, in my junior and senior year of high school I...

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