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Essay Outline On If I Won 10 Million Dollars What Would I Do And Why? Santa Fe College Essay

425 words - 2 pages

TOPIC/CATEGORY: If you won $10 million in the lottery, what would you do with the money and why?
INTRODUCTION PARAGRAPH: This paragraph consists of general information that provides facts about the topic and introduces the writer’s opinion.
A. Facts about the lottery
B. Who benefits from proceeds?
C. Life changing sum
D. THESIS STATEMENT: This sentence uses the topic word and makes a statement that takes a stance (opinion) on the topic.
EXAMPLE: If I were to win $10 million, I would spend one million upgrading my lifestyle and bank the remainder so that I could live a modest life off the interest.
Topic Sentence: This sentence must have an opinion that introduces your first point.
EXAMPLE: I would definitely want to immediately upgrade my current lifestyle with the first million.
1. Fix up house (Major Detail)
a. Redo kitchen (Minor Detail)
i. Spend most of my time there
2. Get new car (Major Detail)
a. Safety features (Minor Detail)
b. Gas mileage (Minor Detail)
3. Pay off bills (Major Detail)
a. Debt-free (Minor Detail)
i. Equals worry-free
b. Pay cash (Minor Detail)
i. Never use credit cards again
ii. Never pay interest (uses money wisely)
Topic Sentence: This sentence must have an opinion that...

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