Essay Outlining A Case Of Support For The Three Gorges Dam Project In China. Writing Uses Support And Reactions To The Pbs Documentary On The 3 Gorges Dam.

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After seeing the Three Gorges Dam documentary, I felt the need to express my opinion on the project. The dam that is currently being built in China's Three Gorges Region is causing much controversy. Some feel that the dam should be built, and yet others feel that it shouldn't. I think that the dam should be built.First of all, The Three Gorges Dam will provide hydroelectricity. Hydroelectricity is a clean and renewable power source. It doesn't pollute the environment, and it can be produced over and over again. "Three Gorges Project will generate 85 billion kilowatt hours of electricity a year. This can be translated into 25 million tons of crude oil, 15 nuclear power plants, or 50 million tons of coal equivalent," says Chien-Kuo Lo, PhD. That is certainly a tremendous amount of natural resources that will be conserved. The documentary states that, "The project promises significant power generation." A hydroelectric dam this big will produce a lot of energy. Having a lot of electricity will make the electricity cheaper for consumers. The dam will help prevent heavy depletion of non-renewable resources like oil, and will reduce pollution.In addition, when the Yangtze River floods, the repercussions are disastrous. The material states, "In 1998 flooding in the area...resulted in 4,000 dead, 14 million left homeless, and $24 billion in economic loss." The dam will cost over $30 million. That is about how much money the government spends on 2 years of flooding. They might as well use the money to prevent further flooding. However, the issue here isn't money; it's people's lives. The dam will prevent further flooding and in the process save peoples lives and homes. According to the documentary, "In the past 2,000 years, the Yangtze River experienced 215 catastrophic floods." Millions lose their homes every year, and thousands die. So much is done to try and prevent flooding, but nothing works. "The dam will control natural flooding and protect millions of people left homeless when the waters surge beyond their banks," states the film. This dam will keep the river from flooding. There are people who do not wish to see the dam built. Do they need more death and loss to convince them that building the dam is the right choice?Also, the Chinese are desperate for something to fuel the economy and get them going. The Three Gorges Dam will create new job openings, and now jobs will create more spending. According to the film, "The Chinese government estimates that energy from the dam will increase industrial output and generate millions of desperately needed jobs." There are plenty of jobs that need to be filled. If the people have money, they will use it to buy things. Such a vast project will attract attention from tourists. Tourists bring money to the country and that can...

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