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When it comes with the law, justice, and order to justify someone’s death; there is always a person who is the one to cause the death, in this case, Gatsby is the one who dies. However, his death was left uncertain because it’s uncertain on who caused his death. In The Great Gatsby, by Scott Fitzgerald, the death of Gatsby and the responsibility that lead up till his demise is due to Gatsby’s entrapment in his dream world, Daisy’s Selfish wants for Gatsby’s possessions, and Tom’s perspective towards Gatsby.
Firstly, Gatsby is trapped in his dream where Gatsby and Daisy were once in a relationship. Gatsby wishes every night that his dream that consists of Daisy coming back in to his life, ...view middle of the document...

In short, Gatsby’s mind was essentially stuck in one place. He could only think about daisy and their past together as a couple, which is what lead to his death. Even though Gatsby is considered a cause for his own death, Daisy and Tom both are culprits for his death as well.
Daisy grew up spoiled due to the vast wealth she obtained from being ‘old money’, which caused her to become selfish and self-centred. Daisy had become selfish to the point that she has an expensive and materialistic desire or want. When Gatsby shows Daisy his mansion, she gazed in awe as “she admired […] the gardens, the sparkling odor of jonquils […] and the pale gold odor of kiss-me-at-the-gate.”(Fitzgerald,97) Daisy, all along, does not have feelings for Gatsby, but more for his money and expensive possessions, as she revealed her true self during Tom and Gatsby’s argument. Daisy is selfish even if money was not involved, as she does not feel grateful for Gatsby taking the blame for her killing Myrtle Wilson. For instance, when Nick tells Gatsby about Mrytle dying, Gatsby replies “’Yes,’ he said after the moment, ‘but of course I’ll say I was.’” (Fitzgerald, 154) When Daisy cried in Gatsby’s mansion, she was crying about her actions in killing Myrtle, meanwhile she does not care about Gatsby’s act of chivalry. Furthermore, Daisy takes advantage of Gatsby by taking Tom along to Gatsby’s party, when Daisy was personally invited to essentially go alone. When Gatsby saw Tom appearing to his party, Gastby with a light temper has a conversation with Tom. He says “I know your wife’, continued Gatsby, almost aggressively.” (Fitzgerald,109) Daisy manipulates Gatsby by taking advantage of his possessions of horses, her invitation, along with other party supplies such as the food and alcohol. Briefly, Daisy is a rich girl who is selfish because she was spoiled to a point which she continuously want expensive materials and to take advantage of others for these types of materials. However, Gatsby is not respected by...

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