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Essay plan
Essay question: To what extent is tolerance an admirable aspect of Australian identity?
An essay plan will help me arrange ideas logically and stay on the right track during writing. My plan will state how I am going to prove my argument to support the thesis of the question. First find out what is the thesis of the question. And put the thesis into the introduction.
Thesis: This essay will argue that the tolerance is an admirable aspect of Australian identity to a considerable extent. Tolerance is always act as a positive attitude to accept diversity and to live and let others live.
What is the tolerance:
It is the ability to put up with people who have different opinions and identity to living together in a community. A person has high tolerance quotient would be able to practice a fair behavior, respect and learn from others, to create a new bond. As well as a country does.
After figuring out the thesis, I will write the topic sentence to support the argument in each body paragraph, and find 1 or 2 examples in the readings which can be the quotes to support the point.
1. Australia is a country which has been described as unique, multicultural and tolerant. Australia’s history has reflected conflict, Throughout the various stages of Australian history, Australians have attempted to bond with another country. The definition of the true Australian identity has changed over time------multicultural tolerance.
E.g. 1. the Australian experience provides a counter example—multiculturalism was conceived as a nation building project… 2. National identities are important sources of solidarity. That’s all shows the tolerance in Australian identity to follow the national identity and embrace the diversity. While respect is a form of abstention from judgement and is premised on equality which lead towards the exaltation of difference. (example in reading 3 and reading 4).
2. The attitudes towards multiculturalism has found Australians are mostly tolerant of cultural difference.
E.g. Muslims, largely because of their religion, have difficulty integrating in western societies such as Australian. Muslim identity and Australian identity are positioned...

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