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Rata 4
Name: Rata Nina
Instructor: Andrew Blade
Class: ENG 121
Date: 04/24/2017
Critical analysis
“Lead” George Bacovia
The poem gave the name of Bacovia's first volume of lyrics, published in 1916. Following the other four volumes that followed, one can conclude that the poem “Lead” can be considered the concentrated expression of Bacovian creation, the greatest symbolist poet of Romanian literature. The form of a tragic monolog of this elegance raises the drama of the inner world of the lyrical ego. It is consumed only in two verses , which compose poetry. The entire state of mind concentrates on the meanings of the three keywords: Lead- tomb-alone. The pretext of elegiac sentiment belongs to the outer reality and is death.
Otherwise, many of the words used in poetry are part of the semantic area of this notion: coffins, funerals, tomb, dead, lead. Through a perfect symmetry of the compositional structure, the external world data becomes symbols of the soul-life, ravaged by pain: The tomb may be the home or city where the poet lives; Or maybe the environment, the world; If not your own body in which a soul of lead lives. The same metaphor can also suggest the poet inability to go away from a closed space, where he is denied the possibility of realizing his spiritual aspirations. The motive for the loneliness, or total isolation, represents the poetic expression of the state of mind of all symbolist poets, is the binder of the lyrical confession. By repeating at the beginning of the third verse of each stump of construction: “I stand alone ...”, as well as by the frequency of the first person, included in the verbs' declination: “I stood”, “I started,” “to scream”, Increases poetic emotion and materializing the abstract world of symbols. The dramatic tension is gradually rising, following an ascending line.
The static image from the beginning, suggested by the meaning of the verb “sleep”, then a dynamic, sustained by the auditory and onomatopoetic effects of the words: “scream”, “cry”, increase the emotion of the soul. Focusing on his depressive state, the poet amplified the decoration through the parallelism between the state of nature, the outer world, and the...

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