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Question analysis and Essay outline
Paraphrase question – With the always developing forms of technology there are more efficient and effective ways to communicate than ever before. Have these changes caused us to lose the “art of communication” or has it improved the way we communicate?
The keywords mentioned throughout my question was communicated, effectively improved and “art of communication”. There were no instructional words since it was a statement rather then a question but it had a limiting word of the 21st century. I was fairly familiar with the terminology used throughout my chosen question in terms of the vocabulary used. The wording was simple yet I was still made to frequently ...view middle of the document...

Essay outline
- Throughout my introduction I will be revealing the four topics which I will be evaluating and using as evidence to answer my question.
- The four main topics I will be analysing are “how the development of communication is changing the way deaf people communicate, the evolution of communication, family communication as well as the benefits and disadvantages of communication”.
- I will be paraphrasing my question and using it my introduction as well as providing a brief description on why the topic is of significance.
- I will indicate throughout the essay which side I will be arguing both for and against.
- I will provide a short description on the history of communication, talking about the first telecommunication system and when it was originated.
- The introduction will be no greater than 10% of my entire essay or 100 around words long.

Background paragraph
- I will be using my second paragraph to demonstrate a full background on the development of communication.
- I will be revealing what I consider “the art of communication” to be and the evidence in which I have accumulated to prove this.
- I will using this paragraph to primarily elaborate on all four topics mentioned in my introduction and touch on the evidence I will be using in my following paragraphs.
- The background paragraph will be no more than 20% of the length of my essay or 200 around words long.
Agreement paragraph
- I will be using this paragraph to begin provide evidence in terms of how we have lost the art of communication through existing development and changes.
- I will be going over all of the disadvantages that are associated with the developments as well as why people believing this has triggered us to misplace the art of communication.
- Outlining the consequences developed through these changes will display the social impact obtained through these changes.
- How different individuals of dissimilar generations adapted to these changes, the nature and the history of communication.
- My agreement paragraph will be around 250 words long and less should than my argument paragraph.

Argument paragraph
- This will be my central paragraph and will provide evidence towards how new developments in communication...

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