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The history of Greek Drama:The origins of Greek drama are obscure, but it is known from Early Greek tradition that tragedy, drama, and comedy has evolved from dithyramb, the songs and for the Greek God Dionysus. It is important to understand that drama began in the Greek world as a form of religious ritual, which later became a form of entertainment for the Athenians, from there it evolved. ¹Greek drama and theater are theatrical traditions that flourished in ancient Greece between c. 600 and c. 200 BC. By the 5th century BC, theater had become formalized and was a major part of Athenian culture and civic pride. Athenian tragedy, comedy, and satyr plays were some of the earliest theatrical forms to emerge in the world. Greek theater and plays have had a lasting impact on Western drama and culture. ²There are three types of plays; tragedy, comedy, and satyr. Tragedy can be defined as any play which is a serious drama, lacking comedy. Aristotelian tradition defined tragedy as a drama which concerns better than average people who suffer a transition from good fortune, and who speak in an elevated language. Comedy, in the Aristotelian tradition, is defined as a play that involves average, or below average, people who speak everyday language. Comedy does not need to be funny to be a comedy. Satyr plays are a type of burlesque comedy, usually involving tales of mythology, drinking, and sexuality. (which can be noted by the phallic props that would sometimes be worn to symbolize masculinity, along with mock wooden breasts and bellies to symbolize the feminine form.) ³ Eroticism was a important symbol in Ancient Greece, and was commonly shown in Grecian dramas and plays, it can still be seen in pottery, paintings, and some literature that exists today.Attending a tragedy or comedy...

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