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Essay Revision

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Are humans innately kind, or are humans really evil, masked by a façade of kindness worn in society? This complex part of human nature is explored in William Golding's Lord of the Flies, a plane carrying young English schoolboy's crashes on an island in the ocean in the midst of World War One. While the boys struggle to stay true to the "proper English way," two leaders, Jack and Ralph, emerge from the many conflicts that arise. Both Jack and Ralph show leadership qualities. However, Ralph displays his qualities positively, while Jack displays his qualities negatively. Ralph and Jack both accomplish incredible feats while stranded on the island ;albeit, the latter's achievements seem more heroic the Ralph's. All the other boys stranded on the island have strong perceptions about Ralph and Jack. Ralph keeps a poised, calmer demeanor during the story, while Jack has a very demanding personality. Because his leadership as a whole makes more or and impact on the boys than Ralph's, in the novel Lord of the Flies, Jack Merridew is the better leader.Jack and Ralph booth show leadership qualities. Both boys, however, have different ways of expressing their authority through Lord of the Flies, by William Golding. Ralph is very committed to having a peaceful environment where all the boys on the island get along with one another. Ralph says, " ' With the conch. I'm calling meeting even if we have to go on into the dark. Down on the platform. When I blow it. Now' " ( Golding 75). However dire the situation, Ralph keeps his cool, and blows the conch. The conch shell is blown to call and assembly on the island. The boys get the turn to talk by holding it. This shows how Ralph leads very systematically, and does everything with a process. While this works at the beginning, as the boys' behavior strays away from the 'proper English schoolboy' they become harder for Ralph to control in a peaceful manner. While Ralph is a better leader towards the beginning of the story while the environment is calm, he is not able to control the boys in situations that are more severe. In contrast to Ralph, Jack is a very brutal leader. Jack says, " ' You got to join the tribe.' [...] and poked sam in the ribs[...] The yelling ceased, and Samneric lay looking up in quiet terror' " (182). Even though Sam and Eric are loyal to Ralph at the end of the story, Jack is able to take the twins captive by inducing fear into them. Jack's leadership style is like that of a dictator. He is the only person in his tribe with any power. He rules by scaring people into doing what he says. Under Jack's rule, the boys work together, and as a whole, get more done than when the boys are under Ralph's rule. Because overall Jack produces more of and outcome under his own rule, Jack Merridew shows better leadership qualities in this story than Ralph does.While on the island in Lord of the Flies, Ralph and Jack both accomplish many feats. All the feats that the boys accomplish ate a big deal in...

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