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Essay- Romeo and Juliet With whom does the ultimate responsibility for the deaths of the "star-crossed" lovers lie? The tragic ending of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet has caused the readers and audiences of the play to wander with whom the ultimate responsibility for the death of the "star-crossed lovers" lies. In order to decide fairly on the cause of the lovers demise, one must consider the issues of the roles of fate and chance which Shakespeare places great emphasis on. The raging feud between the families of Montague and Capulet also play a significant part in the play but the cause may simply be that the two young lovers are just that, too young, inexperienced and immature to cope with such a stressful and trying experience.The people of Shakespeare's time were great believers of the roles of fate and fortune in their lives, and it also plays a very large part in the story of the "star-crossed lovers".This description, one of the most famous quotes of Shakespeare's plays, is a suggestion of fate influencing the lives of these two teenagers. It suggests that no matter what the two lovers try to do, their "stars are crossed", and their story will end in tragedy. The idea of fate is so strong that it appears many times in the prologue, which at the first states the fact that their love is "death-marked".The characters in Romeo and Juliet also feel that their lives are influenced by "fickle fortune". Romeo feels uneasy about going to the Capulet party, feeling that his "mind misgives some consequence yet hanging in the stars". He has an eerie premonition that if he goes to the party there will be terrible consequences.Juliet also has a premonition later in the play, when the young lovers say goodbye for the last time after spending the night together. As he looks up to Juliet's balcony, she has "an ill-divining soul", and sees Romeo "as one dead in the bottom of a tomb".There were also many events that occur in the play that can only be called bad luck, or fate. These include the death of Mercutio, the incident with the letter explaining Juliet's "death", and the fact that if Romeo had waited just one more second before taking poison Juliet would have awoken and they both would have lived.There is also the undeniable fact that the fierce feud between the houses of Montague and Capulet was a major contribution to the deaths of Romeo and Juliet.In the beginning of the play the "ancient grudge" between the two houses breaks to "new mutiny". This private war is so old that no one can even remember the cause of it, but that doesn't stop the mindless hatred between the houses. The attitude of the adults and Lords of the houses translates itself down to the younger generation, and that is where most of the trouble is caused. These young men are taught that the "other side" is inferior to them, but mostly that so is everyone else. They become very arrogant and violent, forming gangs that repeatedly clash in the streets of "fair Verona".This...

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