Essay Start

600 words - 2 pages

Name/define concept

Evidence/event (quote)


Critically analyse- why are the experiences positive & or negative?

Significance to your study of change and relationship to core text

A sense of alienation can be a significant repercussion that comes as a result of change

Similarly Laurie Saunders she felt alienated from her school she was basically alone because of her opinion on the wave

Catalyst extrinsic experience from the world

Therefore: Ben Ross- class experiment

Catalyst intrinsic within yourself

Firstly; Laurie believed in individual freedoms

Taken away from comfort zone

Secondly: Mr. Ross is the leader. Mottos/rules David and the football team Robert billings bodyguard


However: students/ changes in the history class." where was the leader?" p103.

Result plus, minus

Plus: empowerment. Strength through community, strength through discipline. Strength through action. Minus: the wave took on this own power conformity. Loss of individuality

Self reflection & discovery

Mr. Ross was forced to end the wave. Christy is a realist Laurie- grapevine editorial anonymous letter David's self-reflection on how he acted towards Laurie - especially when he hit her


Responsibilities. Ben Ross had to "deprogram the students' CH 17

Understanding of yourself, others and the world is enhanced by studying 'Change' as we speculate about the process of decision making, when faced with a challenging experience over time. Choice and reflection are powerful for individuals who encounter extrinsic and intrinsic barriers to self-discovery and our understanding of our world and others and will result in new: discovery, opportunities and perspectives. Witch may become life long or short term changes. In the novel 'the wave by Morton Rhue' represents change in a very extrinsic manor. The themes throughout bring to the surface the underlying characteristics of human nature and the way they prefer or intrinsically like to be lead buy a leader figure .this is shown throughout the novel but in particular through the quote "________________________________________" this shows that the students have begun to follow the the wave movement and Each composer engages the responder to understand how protagonists deal with the process which leads to enlightenment about self, others and the world. Skilful crafting of plot, character, lively dialogue and symbolism are the ways of positioning responders to have empathy for the protagonist as they gain...

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