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Essay That I Wrote For My Eng Class To Get Extra Credit Ap Lit Extra Credit

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Shanika Springer
Professor Carr
Afro 122-01
07 September 2017
Working Definition of Education in the African World
Education in Black America can be interpreted in many ways. To begin we must first understand the meaning of education and geography of the African World. Education refers to one's formal or informal process of acquiring a particular knowledge or skill. When speaking of the African World it can be refering to many geographical areas, time periods, and people. Given that the world was build on the backs of enslaved Africans it can be assumed the this world was built on the education of black people.
When it comes down to the theoretical framework for studying education in Black America we tend to be very undertheorized in the United States. Black people are completely understated in the world's history. Our idealism of black education stems from the roots of Black American dating back to the 15th century. We are taught that African history starts with slavery, when in fact black people are the basis of all education. I think that the theoretical framework in Black America should be based off of, and taught by black people.
Black education in America begins in the early 15th century with the slave trade. While African education can be traced back to the beginning of human life itself; our education took a hinderance upon arrival to the United States. To discover the sources of education in Black America we can look at African education beginning with slavery. When Africans were brought here as slaves they already had prior knowledge, which mostly consisted of a spoken language . During slavery black people would gain knowledge and education mostly through each other. When someone learned how to read and write they would teach everyone else. This was used to gain whatever power they could in the pre civil war era. During segregation westernized...

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