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Essay To Describe A Character: A Less Than Perfect Day

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A lone figure sat on the bench in the cafeteria, leafing through her notebook. Naomi was trying to do her homework for the day, before she had to attend her after-school activity.Looking at her notebook, Naomi realized she had a lot of homework that day. She had to write her English composition, study for the fractions test three days later, do research on magnets to write an essay due the day after tomorrow and fill in her history worksheet for next week. She did not have to finish all her homework that day, but since Naomi was not one to procrastinate, she wanted to do it all immediately.From the corner of her eye, Naomi noticed her younger sister walking over to her. "Hi," she said.Naomi did not even look up as she replied, "Hello, Natalie." Natalie did not take that as an insult, because she was used to Naomi acting that way."Which side do you think you're going to have to take in the mini-competition today? Oh, and did you bring your debate material? I need to check something."Ordinarily, Naomi would have scolded Natalie for wanting to 'copy', but she apparently had something she felt was more important on her mind. Natalie's words had reminded Naomi, and she panicked immediately, "Oh, no!" That was the first time in years Naomi had made such a mistake, and she was horrified and immediately began packing her books into her bag."I guess you didn't, huh," Natalie said dryly. "What's your hurry, anyway? The debate is no biggie."Of course Natalie would think that. In any case, Naomi had to rush. "Bye, Nat." Then she ran as fast as she could to the library. Somehow, she just knew her day was going to get...

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1076 words - 4 pages Seven WuMr. SchneeHonors American Literature09/12/2013Seymour Glass - An Outsider's World"A Perfect Day for Bananafish" was written by J.D. Salinger in 1948 in the collection of Nine Stories. The story tells about the vacation of a young married couple, Muriel and Seymour Glass. Seymour Glass, the protagonist of the story is a returned soldier from the war who is suffering from psychological trauma due to the brutal impacts of the war