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Religion Played An Integral Role In The Development And Culture Of European Colonialism In The New World

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Religion played an integral role in the development and culture of the Spanish, French, and British colonies and extended into their relations to Indians. While many settlers sincerely wanted to convert the Indians to Christianity, there were settlers who used religion as a tool to both control and civilize Indians. The Indians who were exposed to the practices of conversion had experienced both suffering and benefitting from their relations with colonists. Throughout the early history of the colonization of New World, witchcraft had also figured into the religious observations of the groups that had led groups of settlers into a state of hysteria and panic which was indirectly related to their relations with the Indians.
The French and Spanish were heavily influenced by Catholicism. Both colonies had established missions across the New World in hopes of converting Indians to Catholicism. The Spanish colonists were especially determined to establish missions and convert Indians in their territories as a response to the kingdoms of Aragon and Castile seeking to “transform their own pluralistic societies into a purely Christian kingdom (Butler 28). The Spanish were also heavily influenced by religion due to the Crusades in the Old World as well being motivated by “gold, God, and glory” for voyaging into the New World. The role of religion in Spanish society extended out towards how they governed their colonies as the Catholic populations were under control of both the monarchy and the Vatican. The French Catholics had taken example from the Spanish by establishing multiple missions in the New World in efforts to become trading partners with local Indian tribes. Both New Spain and New France were heavily influenced by Catholicism culturally, as both were governed directly by both the Pope as well as being ruled under an absolute-monarchy in the motherland.
The English colonists were comprised of primarily Protestants and Puritans. Many British colonists came to the New World in hopes of freedom from religious persecution from the Anglican Church. Unlike their Spanish and French counterparts, the British settlers had the freedom of establishing their own local governments. This allowed religion in the British colonies to develop alongside the British colonial culture. Since religion was an essential component of settlers’ life, religion also played a strong role in the local colonies governments as the Puritan British colonies were led by the congregation’s leader. Unlike the Catholic colonies, settlers were granted more rights under the British colonies. The British colonies were established as religiously-focused societies. In colonies of New Spain and New France, as well as the British colonies were centralized on their faith and had reinforced the laws of their faith onto the people. Those who did not abide by the teachings of the colony’s religion were condemned. This was especially true in the British colonies in which the “congregations...

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