Essay Using Jimi Hendrix And Bob Dylan To Explain Electric Cooperatives. Won An Award And Me A Trip To D.C.

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The Cooperative/Public Power Advantageby Jessica ShelbyThe stage was set and the band was ready. The date was May 17, 1966; the place was Free Trade Hall in Manchester England. The infamous Bob Dylan took to the stage to open the Newport Folk Festival. However, a foreign instrument was in Mr. Dylan's hands; it was an electric guitar. Dylan began strumming the tune to "Like a Rolling Stone," but his once so faithful followers had turned on him. They began shouting "Judas" and booing Dylan of the stage. Reluctantly, Dylan finished his set and stepped off stage without a discernable trace of applause.Dylan went back stage with his head hung low. "What's with the sad vibe, man?" Dylan looked up to see a black man picking the guitar more magnificently than he had ever seen."Hey, man, what are you doin' here? Who are you," asked Dylan."The name's Jimi. I'm just here looking for inspiration, my brother. Hey, you never explained that sad vibe of yours," replied Jimi."I was just booed off the stage for attempting to 'cross over'""Hey man, I heard you out there. You weren't half bad. They'll come around." Jimi was picking the tune to "Purple Haze," which, at the time, was still unknown.Dylan asked, "Whatcha pickin', man.""Oh just a little something I've been working on," replied Jimi."Well, this is a folk crowd. That type of music won't go far," said Dylan.Jimi replied, "They'll come around. Sit down, my man, and let me explain something to ya."Dylan sat next to the man, somewhat bewildered and curious. "You see," said Jimi, "electricity ain't been around most folks for more than thirty some odd years. Folk music is what these 'folks' grew up to. It's what they used to. And here you come, s'pose to be one of them and you throw an electric guitar into their country groove. Of course they gonna be skeptical, but they'll come around.""Okay, first off, you do not look like a scholar. So, how did you get so knowledgeable," asked Dylan."Man, it's all part of the act. I am an educated man. See, looking and acting the way that I do allows my fans to relate to me, just like your fans relate to your country look and folk style of music. I imagine my fans would boo me off the stage if I began writing songs about why the world turns or politics," said Jimi."Well, why is the electric guitar so difficult for my fans to relate to. I mean what does electricity have to do with true music," asked Dylan."Boy, did you just hear yourself," said Jimi. "If it weren't for electricity you wouldn't be in the predicament you in. You'd be sitting in your barn with an old acoustic and a can for a microphone. Music would be dead if not for electricity.""Well, when did electricity come about," asked Dylan."Well, in the big cities, they got electricity as far back as 1880. Rural folk didn't get electricity until May 18, 1933 -- thirty-three years ago...

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