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The First Weekly Essay by Erica Johnson

This week the author I read about that caught my attention was Arundhati Roy and the story of “Chi Li Slays the Serpent” also caught my eye. The two stories are alike because of their heroism about the situations they faced in the stories that I read. They knew there would be a fight of a lifetime and they were prepared to face any consequences that came with the territory. “The monster conquered you because you were too timid to put up a fight! How pitiful!” That was one of the quotes from the story that really grabbed my attention to how I feel about some of the women that let certain things go on in their lives such as abuse, or being misled ...view middle of the document...

She also wrote two screenplays, neither of which brought her great fulfillment or success. She then published a criticism of the acclaimed film “Bandit Queen” the controversy that came shortly after resulted in a lawsuit against her.
In the aftermath Roy began focusing on a new project “The God of Small Things” that was published in April 1997. Approximately six months after it was published it was the first awarded the Booker Prize; Arundhati was the first Indian woman ever to achieve this goal and honor. Her book has been successful in India and internationally.
This fame made her an instant celebrity, but the traditional troubles of literary fame were followed with a certain amount of notoriety due to the books controversial treatment of such a delicate subject matter. Charges of anti-Communism were brought against Arundhati, because of the portrayal 0f the Communist characters. Roy also faced charges of obscenity and demanded that the final chapter of the book be cut out because of its strong sexual content.
The years following Roy’s published book” The God of Small Things”, Roy put her skills and celeb status to use as an activist for several important issues facing India today.
In September 1998 her article “The End of Imagination” appeared in The Nation as a response to the testing of nuclear weapons in India a few months...

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