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Essential Areas The Individual Should Review When Identifying A New Career Direction

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I Self Assessment- Assessing Values, Aptitudes, Personality and GoalsSome people suggested that the average working person will have switched careers an average of fourteen times by the age of thirty-eight. This statistic leads to much speculation. There are career changes that are forced upon an individual through their company folding or changing direction, there are career changes that are the result of being head hunted, there is dissatisfaction with the direction of one's daily work, and there is a desire to have a more personally fulfilling career. When people are questioned as to how they chose their jobs, a typical response is, "It seemed like a good idea at the time" (Rockport Institute).To begin the process of changing careers an individual needs to access pertinent information and take steps that will lead to success in sourcing a new and rewarding job situation. There are several places one can begin to gather information, including: the internet; career counselling companies; university advisors; head hunters. All of these sources will begin with a similar approach - asking the individual to analyse the "Who Am I?"The question of "Who Am I?" leads to much introspection and is the first step one needs to take before proceeding with a career change. This simple question is the beginning of determining what your interests and competencies are in both your daily life and your professional life. This search of the soul encourages reflection and allows the individual to really think about both their current skills, and what skills they may need to hone in order to change careers. Can hidden talents be developed and lead to a new, previously unexplored career path?It is recommended that certain tasks be performed when beginning to search out a new career. Four essential areas the individual should review when identifying a new career direction:"Describe in one paragraph what you want to do.""Research your career fields.""Match your skills, values and interests to career fields and job titles.""Develop and write a targeted career objective."Taking a personal inventory is essential in order to recognize what has led one to this point, and to have a clear strategy in finding a new career. Your personal inventory should focus on several areas, such as:Assess both likes and dislikes in your current work environment - especially important to reflect on the positives aspects.Review your passions - what excites and energizes you.Ask yourself what you would like to do for the rest of your life, what balance you would like between professional vs. personal.Examine your financial needs and concerns, especially in terms of your desired lifestyle.Examine your qualifications, both your education and life experience. (All Business)The next step in the task of a career change analysis will be actually starting the process of changing directions. Now is the time to begin researching careers that may relate to the 'passions' you have discovered through your...

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