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The Importance Of Verbal Communication Essay

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Communication is composed of two central categories, verbal and non-verbal communication. Listening, understanding, and consistency are major components of the verbal aspect of communication. Additionally, eye contact, gestures, proximity, and speech, such as speaking tempo, vocal pitch, and intonational contours, that can be used to communicate attitudes or other shades of meaning, are all essential components of the non-verbal aspects of communication. I think that good grammar and communication skills are important. People use both of these on an everyday basis to communicate.

Some of the most important reasons for knowing and using good grammar is knowing how to communicate in written texts such as emails, post, and notes. We communicate through written words in our everyday life. We use the written word at places such as work and school. Kyle Wiens states “your words are all you have.” When we speak, we show our level of intelligence so, projecting yourself clearly is very important. Good grammar shows how organized and neat you are, especially in your thoughts and your meaning of what you are saying. If you know what you are going to say before you say it, then you can assure that you are going to be successful at getting your task done in the work place. Good grammar also means listening effectively at the person you are speaking to because it shows the seriousness of what you want to say to that person. Following these rules in good grammar will assure good grammar in writing and speaking.

My profession is a Sociologist. A Sociologist is someone that studies human social lives. They study the behavior, interaction among, groups, organizations, and nations. I will need strong communication skills to succeed in this profession. I have to be able to communicate with all different types of people. I will be doing a lot of interviewing which involves asking questions about different things. I have to be able to understand what their non-verbal messages are saying when they are responding. This field involves listening skills which means I have to be able to listen enough to catch what the speaker is saying as well as understand it. A sociologist has to write different reports about the interviews and research they have done on that person or that family. In order to write these reports good grammar and editing skills are needed because I will be consulting back and forth with different sociologist and social workers discussing issues that these clients may have. I need to show my professional and organizational skills at all time and they need to be able to understand what I wrote in these reports. I will be reading through different sources such as surveys collecting different information to make projects about...

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