Most Important Discoveries; Herophilus' Impact On Medicine And Science

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Herophilus' contributions to medicine were the most important in the history of the field. He banished several Roman taboos and superstitions when it came to the practice of medicine and personal health. After expelling much of the previously set ideas about the inner workings of the body, Herophilus became dedicated to educating the public and other scholars about the importance and maintenance of good health. His commitment to accuracy and offerings to the field gave way-at least indirectly-to improvements in surgery, hygiene, medical practice, physiology and kinesiology, scientific investigation and many more, as well as-directly-to the area of neurosciences."Herophilus and Erasistratus proceeded in by far the best way: they cut open living men - criminals they obtained out of prison from the kings and they observed, while their subjects still breathed, parts that nature had previously hidden, their position, color, shape, size, arrangement, hardness, softness, smoothness, points of contact, and finally the processes and recesses of each and whether any part is inserted into another or receives the part of another into itself."-"On Medicine", I Poem 23Herophilus was the first person in history to attain a highly accurate and detailed knowledge of the human anatomy. He did so through careful dissection of human corpses at a time when other "physicians" had used animal corpses. Herophilus even went a step further and actually vivisected the living-though only condemned criminals-as a means of learning about the human body when it was fully functioning rather than after death. Experimentation was sanctioned on the condemned because according to Aristotelian beliefs, those who had committed heinous, inhuman crimes were without a soul, and thus could feel no pain. Through his studies he discovered the pulse and-although for the wrong reasons-deemed it important to maintaining life and indicating the presence of illness. Herophilus also discerned the difference between veins, arteries and capillaries, allowing for later breakthroughs in surgery made easier and safer by a more in depth knowledge of internal organs and functions. Along with blood-vessels, he differentiated between motor and sensory nerves in the spine. Most notably, Herophilus is responsible for exploring the human brain, and recognising it as the vessel of intellect. His "discoveries" generated new ideas about the functions of the brain, which in turn led to the creation and development of Neuroscience. Due to the fact that the brain controls all bodily functions, systems and emotions, this is probably the most important field of medicine.His major concerns became health, diet and fitness. After witnessing the inner workings of the body, he realized that drugs, food, beverages and virtually everything put into the body affected it; for better or worse. This caused Herophilus to become an advocate for gymnastics (exercise) a good, well balanced diet and drugs (also a belief central in...

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