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As actor and filmmaker John Heder once said, “That’s what protagonists do. They work hard, they have a conflict, and they overcome the obstacles”. This is precisely true to the three main protagonists in Beowulf. These three men are faced with difficult battles and extreme adversity. They willingly sacrifice as much as their lives in order to achieve victory. In the epic poem Beowulf, acts of dedication, heroism and bravery are exemplified through the characters of Hrothgar, Beowulf and Wiglaf.
Hrothgar, the king of the Danes, undoubtedly yearns for what is best for his people. Having much experience with poor fortune and atrocity, Hrothgar is most necessary for assisting Beowulf in his development as a hero. His old age and familiarity with the pros and cons of leadership and power give him much wisdom, which he then passes on to Beowulf. Hrothgar is deeply affected by Grendel’s killing sprees, but is too old and weak to fight on his own. However, “His misery leaped the seas, was told and sung in all men’s ears: How Grendel’s hatred began” (lines 64-66). The people of Herot are aware of Hrothgar’s hatred for Grendel and that he is troubled by all Grendel has done. Given that Hrothgar is a powerful, respected leader, he is able to facilitate the conquering of Grendel although he is physically unable to fight himself. Hrothgar’s strong leadership and the respect his men have for him is exceedingly evident. “In Herot, when the night hid him, he never dared to touch King Hrothgar’s glorious throne, protected by God” (lines 82-84). The referral to Hrothgar’s throne as “glorious” and “protected by god” provides evidence that he is very well-respected, and it can be concluded that he has fairly earned this respect. Hrothgar’s dedication and determination to keep his men safe allow him to remain well respected and a crucial part of defeating the enemy even though he is of old age. The wisdom he offers gives Beowulf his strong, heroic disposition.
Beowulf’s courage and willingness to fight to his death is what makes him a classic hero. He fights three major battles throughout his life, each becoming progressively harder to manage. Although he struggles an ample amount throughout the poem, Beowulf’s unwavering determination to defeat all evil is the foundation for his success. Protagonists in other stories tend to surrender...

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