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Establishing Age Of Responsibility Essay

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What is the age of responsibility? With all the laws being passed yearly, how does the government decide at what age you can have certain legal rights or freedoms? Today at age 18 you can get your driver’s license without training, vote, and get married. You can also get an abortion, get a tattoo, and join the military. At 21 you can drink alcohol. At age 25 you can rent a car. History has shown us different ages of responsibility based off situations occurring at the time. Science shows us the age where your brain is fully developed. I feel the age of responsibility is 21 because of education, experience, and maturity.
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I think we need to wait until age 21 when individuals are more educated on the world around them.
Experience is a contributor to the age of responsibility. By age 21 a person has had more opportunities of being independent. More than likely at this point they are living on their own. The individual is probably paying for a place to live, taxes, and possibly schooling. All these factors play into how a person handles things based on the experiences they’ve had. For example, if a 21-year-old came from a middle class family, had a job, paid for all their schooling themselves then they are more likely to be more well-rounded in how the economy affects others and could make a level head decision in voting. While an 18-year-old that is fresh out of high school is still used to their parents lining their pockets each week never personally paying for an expense them self. An 18-year-old has not undergone real world experiences versus a 21-year-old who has lived on their own and paid for basic necessities. “Aristotle wrote of 21 as the age when a person would have completed three 7-year stages of youth development...21 considered age of adulthood” (Greenblatt 7). If you look at the three stages, the ages are 7, 14, and 21. As I’m sure you’re aware there is a large gap between each stage. You are a completely different person at 7 than you are from 14 or even 21. At each stage the individual has experienced more than the previous. “18-year-olds went off to fight in World War II” (Greenblatt 8). During World War II in America the age of responsibility was lowered due to the fact that the youth had experienced more. However, today we not currently in the middle of any major crisis’, so our 18-year-olds haven’t experienced as much as our...

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