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Setting Goals Essay

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Many students find it very difficult to be the Mastery Student they want to be. An immense component of being a Mastery Student is knowing how to set goals properly. There are three characteristics commonly found in Mastery Students. Setting goals brings responsibility, a sense of accomplishment, and relaxation. When done accurately, goals can bring many benefits.
There are many benefits to making goals. Before you make a goal, it is essential to realize why it is important that you are doing this. First, when forming goals, make yourself aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing your strengths is empowering, however, the feeling may not be the same when facing weaknesses. Many people view weaknesses as a bad thing, but it just shows where more work and focus is needed. It is imperative that both are recognized. If they are not recognized, the plan made to achieve the goal will not be as effective because you will spend the same amount of time on the strengths and weaknesses. If you acknowledge both, less time will be needed on the strengths, and more time can be spent on the weaker areas. Making goals also gives you something to work for and a guide along with it. This guide will help form a path to achieve the goal. This will not only help with goal making, but it will be very beneficial with other things in life because it also brings responsibility. Responsibility can become rather frightening and overwhelming when forming goals, but with responsibility brings a sense of accomplishment, and after attaining the goal, a sigh of relief will overcome the anxiety. If responsibility is a weakness, then one thing that can be done to help with the workload is separating wishful thinking from reality and what is actually going to get done. While you are in the process of achieving your goal, it may seem like you are doing a lot for something so little, but think about the abundance of benefits that come with it.
In order to achieve all of the benefits of making goals, it is vital to formulate a plan. There are five steps to follow when making goals. There are many different names for this technique, but the one that is very simple to follow and easy to remember is called SMART goals. First, the S stands for “specific.” When making goals, it is crucial to be as specific as possible. If the goal is not specific, it makes it very easy to get off track and not...

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