Establishing The Limits Of Faith On Campus: Should Students Have The Right To Access Contraceptives Through University Health Centers?

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According to the Genesis, subverting the sovereignty of God is the deliberate act of rendering a sexual act infertile. "Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled; for fornicators and adulterers God will judge."(Hebrews 13:4). Historical documents written thousands of years ago form the pillars of religious beliefs which are the source of many social and cultural issues in today's society. Young adults are torn between the promiscuous image promoted by the media and the more fundamental values exhorted by their religious background. When it comes to issues concerning promiscuity and the use of contraception, two fundamentally opposite schools of thought seem to press on young students. There is the Bible based teaching, which not only advises but commands abstinence and restraint from contraception during marriage. There is the essentially modern view, which strives to adapt to society's rising trends, and insure the security and well being of everyone within the new realities. "Unknown Catholic" University is not a stranger to the strong promotion of Catholic values and beliefs, which seems totally fit for a Catholic institution. However, in this seemingly changing society, where do we draw the line between public safety and religious ideals, between medical needs and Faith? When can an Institution impose its beliefs upon its students, and when should it pull out? When a fellow student came back from the school Health center empty handed, these questions unavoidably popped into my head. The university refuses to provide her and all other students oral contraceptives, because they interfere with catholic Faith. Students should have the right to take decision concerning their own behaviors and be provided all the resources to evolve in a safe environment.It is prerogative to bring to light a few self-explanatory statements extracted from "Unknown Catholic's" own "Catholic Mission Statement". "Unknown Catholic" University views itself as "institution that embodies the human mind's autonomy". The mission statement also states that its commitment to Catholic values is not in any way "meant to deny, restrict or circumvent the rights and responsibilities of any individual that are within the framework of academic freedom, affirmative action and other civil rights". In fact, it even informs us that their can be no "forced participation" to those religious traditions and values. As it is clearly stated here, the university harbors freedom of thought, but when looking at the health center's policies, it strongly hampers freedom of action. In other words, a student can believe in whatever he wants, but he may be blocked by school authority when trying to live accordingly. The school pushes its zeal as far as advising the working staff that it cannot under any circumstance help a student access oral contraceptives. A member of the working staff who would help a student get contraceptives could loose his or her job. This...

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