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Establishment Of Optimum Cutting Condition Essay

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The experiment was performed for evaluation of the control method. Fig.9 shows the experimental setup of bench lathe machine. The bench lathe with specification shown in table 2 was used for the application of proposed control methods and their effectiveness was evaluated. The accelerometers are placed on the headstock in X and Y directions with the output of accelerometers were connected to FFT analyzer for analyzing amplitude of vibration. Control parameters to control resonant frequency are shown in table 3. Firstly, in control factor I, the vessel was installed on the headstock regarding to the previous FEM analysis results for injection of water into machine structure. The relationship between amplitude of vibration at headstock and spindle speed are measured by taking parameters of empty vessel, injecting water to the vessel with amount 10 liters, 16 liters, and 22 liters in headstock, and then injecting water mixed with 6 wt% polymer PEO respectively. Next, in the method to increase resonant frequency using control factor II by reinforcement to higher machine rigidity, parameters were taken using reinforce frame from steel plates with thickness 12 mm and 36 mm based on optimum result of FEM analysis. The frame is fitted and tightens with bolts under the table of bench lathe motor. The relationship between spindle speed and amplitude of vibration at the tip of headstock were measured.
Lastly, in the method of changing pedal positions in machine to control resonant frequency and mode shapes in control factor III, the parameters were also decided based on result of FEM analysis. For this evaluation, 5 types of support combination were used as parameters. The measurement was done by evaluate vibration amplitude of spindle speed at headstock.
The evaluation result of controlling resonant frequency by injecting water mixed with polymer is shown in Fig.10....

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