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Establishment Of The Stable American Government

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The stable national government that we have in the U.S. today isn't the same government that we had when we first gained our independence. Many events, and much thought and effort went into the creation of the Constitution of the United States. The major contributing factors include the Articles of Confederation (our first form of government), Shay's Rebellion, The Annapolis Convention, and the Constitutional Convention. Our Forefathers created a brilliant, amendable document, based on their philosophy and these events, that has provided us with a remarkably strong and stable government for over two centuries.The Articles of Confederation were completed in 1777. It was the first attempt at setting up a ...view middle of the document...

Regardless, it was a good model of what a loose constitution should be.In 1786, a rebellion started. Like all rebellions, Shay's Rebellion was to cause a change with something that was unfair in the eyes of the rebels. The rebellion was aimed towards tax collectors and many other rich people who lived near the Eastern Coast. The uprising scared many of the wealthy landowners until a state militia finally took it down. The government saw that there needed to be some changes in the Articles, so they called together the Annapolis Convention later that year.The Annapolis convention was not very big. Only 5 states were represented. They met to discuss interstate commerce, the weakness of the articles, and the need to call together another convention to revise them. This new convention was called the Constitutional Convention. 55 representatives of 12 states, except Rhode Island, met in Annapolis on May 25, 1787 to try to revise the Articles on Confederation. The general public had no knowledge that the Constitutional Convention was taking place. Among the absentees were: Thomas Jefferson, John and Sam Adams, Thomas Paine, John Hancock, and Patrick Henry. In the end the Articles were scrapped and the Constitution took its place. The Constitution provided a stronger government for the United States.Each of these events played a great role in the creation of our government. Our Forefathers, with incredible brilliance, had the ability to envision the strong, stable government that we know today. These events were both catalysts and opportunities that contributed to the creation of the greatest government and country the earth has ever known.

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