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Estrogen And Progestin In Birth Control Pills

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There are no age restrictions for birth control; once a girl begins her menstrual cycle she is then eligible to use contraceptives. Consequently, such long term use increases the risk of one or more of the various side effects caused by birth control to occur. Side effects range from minor to severe symptoms. Minor symptoms include nausea, vomiting, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, weight gain, etcetera and severe symptoms include the possibility of developing liver tumors, liver cancer, and breast cancer, partial or complete loss of vision, coughing up blood, crushing chest pain and etcetera. For those who smoke cigarettes, they have a greater chance of developing the more severe side ...view middle of the document...

Collectively, the most common reason besides pregnancy prevention, birth control is used to reduce cramps and menstrual pains, menstrual regulation, acne, endometriosis, premenstrual syndrome, and etcetera. Furthermore, teenage girls use birth control for noncontraceptive purposes more than adult women. The National Survey of Family Growth’s studies show “that teens aged 15-19 who use the pill are more likely to do so for non-contraceptive purposes (82%) than for birth control (67%)” (Wind 1). Birth control is complex from its ingredients, to side effects, to symptoms; countless women use birth control without the proper knowledge of choosing what best fits their needs.
There should be more programs that help inform women on what their body is going through, what contraceptives do to and for the body, and healthier alternatives that cater to them. Sixty-two percent of women who are able to reproduce use contraception. Researchers of BMC Women's Health conducted a study “to identify attributes of contraceptive methods that may be important to women when engaging in this decision making process” (Wyatt et al. 3). In conclusion to the study, they found “formal evaluation of decision support tools for contraceptive choice and involvement of users in the development process may lead to more user-centered design and implementation” (Wyatt et al. 3)....

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