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Aliens and pyramids strange topic"Did the early Egyptians have help in building the pyramids?" All over the world remain fantastic objects, vestiges of people or forces which the theories of archaeology, history, and religion cannot explain. There is something inconsistent about our archaeology. They have found electric batteries many thousands of years old. They have found strange beings in perfect space-suits with platinum fasteners. They have also found numbers with fifteen digits-something not registered by any computer. How did the early men acquire the ability to do this? par ab Some say all these questions can be answered through the evidence found in ancient wall paintings and carvings, and the sculpture and buildings found in many different parts of the world. All over Europe and South America there is evidence left behind by the ancient people of these great civilizations.par ab First, a look at whether there is or could be intelligent life on other planets. It is conceivable that we world citizens of the twentieth century are not the only living beings of our kind in the cosmos. Because no alienspar from another planet is on display in a museum for us to visit, the answer, "our earth is the only planet with human beings," still seems to be legitimate and convincing. But that is a very narrow-minded way to look at things. The idea that life can flourish only under terrestrial conditions has been made obsolete by research. It is a mistake to believe that life cannot exist without water and oxygen. Even on our own earth there are forms of life that need no oxygen. They are called anaerobic bacteria. A given amount of oxygen acts like poison on them. Why should there not be higher forms of life that do not need oxygen?par We are still convinced that our earth is the center of everything, although it has been proved that the earth is an ordinary star of insignificant size-30,000 light-years from the center of the Milky Way. The human race is certainly more willing to accept the possibility of extraterrestrial contact now than it was, say, half a century ago. So if there is evidence shown the extraterrestrials did have an influence on ancient civilizations, we should be able to look at it and make a intelligent decision for ourselves.par ab Much evidence is found on the walls of ancient buildings and temples. The walls of tombs and even caves have the signature of something other than human. In Anannhet, Tassili there are rock paintings 8,000 years old with strong figures. These figures are flying above a spherical object with a hatch like lid and two protrustions, l that seem to be spitting fire or smoke. Also, on these rock paintings there is a painting of a creature with antenna-like excrescence's on his arms and thighs. He has a helmet with slits for eyes nose, and mouth. There is a naked woman next to him. Also, in the Libyan Desert there are Stone Age Cave paintings of floating people, creatures. How do cavemen,...

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