Ethic In Writing: The Woes Of Social Media Influences Ashford Assignment

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What is Plagiarism? Plagiarize is when someone plagiarize their work, they are copying someone else’s work and using it as their own. They’re also taking the general idea and not giving credit to the original author. Plagiarism has been a problematic in higher education for several different reasons. First reason, daily stressor that life brings, such as, the constant struggle to juggle classes, work, family, and other aspects of life. Second reason, you have those students who just want a fast way of getting their work done, they rather move onto other task that require more of their attention. Third reason, because many students are not taught proper writing etiquette or format. Lastly, because the internet has so much information at our fingertips. I personally have seen many examples of plagiarism in different learning environments and the outcomes were fairly negative. Students, who were roommates, used each other’s work in a university course. Which caused the student to receive a zero or dropped out of the class and university. For me to develop my own academic voice I need to practice. To practice I must have a thorough out statement of the material that I am going to be writing about. This will allow me to comprehend to the point of expressing myself without using someone else’s word. Which will also help me to provide proper citation in my paper. Thinking about others getting away with plagiarism stirs up mixed emotions within me. I care because they are creating habits for their selves, I don’t care because what other people are doing is none of my business. Students with poor studying habits tend to plagiarism. Building study and proper writing etiquette will provide well thought out assignments.
In the first chapter of this week’s reading, I have learned what Industrial/Organizational psychology is. Industrial/Organizational psychology is a topic that I have never had and had no pervious understanding of what it was. Industrial/Organizational psychology is a scientific study of the workplace. (Youssef & Noon, 2012) I’ve also learned how it is beneficial for many different businesses in different areas, employment laws, and how to hire the best candidate for a position. Company’s go through a costly process of hiring and hiring the wrong candidate can cost them more. According to Harvard university study.
estimated that 80% of turnover can be attributed to faulty hiring decisions (Yager, 2016). Turnover rate is the...

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