Ethic Of Public Service And Marketing Orientation.

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Ethic of Public Service and Marketing OrientationIntroductionWithin this essay I plan to define what the Ethic of Public service is and its influence as the Government attempt a marketing orientation within Local Government. The reason is to introduce a customer focus to try and solve the current problems (see Appendix 1).Donaldson describes business ethics as "the systematic study of moral (ethical) matters pertaining to business, industry or related activities, institutions or practices and beliefs"(Mullins, 1999, pg146)Within local Government the establishment of a new ethical framework is under construction applying to more than 20 000 councillors and 2 million staff in Great Britain. The ethic of Local Government is broad but a simple definition is through the new ethical framework:"To put in place a new conduct regime which will build and secure the peoples trust in those who serve in their local councils"(Rose and Lawton,1999,pg256)Highlighted above is the word 'trust' that is in the present Ethic of Public Services but has failed the people who it serves. Trust is of high importance in the Public Sector especially with Local Government as actions performed by Councils have a direct impact on the way we live our lives. As well as trust, the concept of the ethic stands firm to attempt to work for the greater good of the public rather than for profit as with private companies.Within Local Government the Public Service ethic is driven from all levels of staff and influences the way people work (the culture of local government). The ethos credits staff with the `belief that (they) can make a difference' ( This implies that staff have the power to make a difference to society as a whole, rather than particular customers or individuals. Already it can be seen that workers are given a duty, more than just a job. This itself could be a motivating factor and reason why individuals stay within the Public Sector. I will look more detailed as to people work within this sector later on in my assignment.Public Sector EthosThe Pubic Ethos can be separated into 6 key areas defined in the "Public Service Ethos" report by the House of Commons.*Impartibility*Accountability*Trust*Equity*Probity*ServiceIf all these areas were exercised local government would have little problems. The major problem with the ethos is that due to the size and variation of the public, resources are stretched and results in a limited service for all. Also with limited resources there will always be individuals who the sector does not provide for.Why is it not working?Compulsory Competitive Tendering (CCT) was introduced during the 1980`s and 1990`s to reduce costs through competitive tendering. As a result, Local Government had to find new suppliers at cheaper costs which compromised the quality of the service they offered. Here we can see that due to limited resources the ethos can't be delivered as the quality of service is reduced (Area 6). This in turn...

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