Ethical Analysis Of The Joy Of The Gospel

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Overall, Pope Francis places extreme concern on four areas, which are the idolatry of money, the option of the poor, inequality, and the common good/peace. Before reading Pope Francis’s book, I had a general familiarity with inequality and the option for the poor, but I was not completely aware of the idolatry of money in today’s society or peace in a Christian perspective. In Chapter 2, he starts talking about how we have found new idols in today’s society and how our relationship with money has taken control over not only our society, but also ourselves (Pope Francis, 55). Also, Pope Francis discusses how we as Christians need to realize that we are not exempt from concern for the poor ...view middle of the document...

Ex 32:1-35) has returned in a new and ruthless guise in the idolatry of money and the dictatorship of an impersonal economy lacking a truly human purpose (Pope Francis, 55).” I felt that this was extremely interesting because people as a whole do not realize how money has taken over our lives. We feel that money gives us power over others and we feel that we need to use our money to buy material objects that will impress others or make them feel less about themselves because they cannot afford it. We have lost sight of what is truly important in life and we should be placing more emphasis on helping people with our money instead of buying the latest gadgets, cars, and accessories. His beliefs and thoughts have the ability to realistically shape our ethical thinking about economic theory and our relationship to money because he helps us understand what is truly important in life and that we should place more emphasis on helping others. In addition to discussing the new obsession and idolatry or money, Pope Francis also discusses the option of the poor.
According to Catholic Social Teaching, it is our duty/responsibility as Christians to protect others and give special consideration to the weak and the poor. I learned about this principle in a previous class that I took last semester and my professor placed a lot of emphasis on the sevens themes of Catholic Social Teaching, which is why I have a general familiarity with the principles mentioned in this book. One way that Pope Francis recommended that we can become better at “hearing the cry of the poor” is that we need to listen to what God’s word teaches us about mercy and allow that word to resonate in our lives (Pope Francis, 193). He links the attentiveness of the poor with the person and teaching of Jesus when he says “This is especially the case with those biblical exhortations which summon us so forcefully to brotherly love, to humble and generous service, to justice and mercy towards the poor. Jesus taught us this way of looking at others by his words and his actions. So why cloud something so clear? This loving attentiveness is the beginning of a true concern for their person, which inspires me effectively to seek their good. This entails appreciating the poor in their goodness, in their experience of life, in their culture, and in their ways of living the faith (Pope Francis, 194 & 199).” I feel that these excerpts from “The Joy of the Gospel” exemplify the point that Pope Francis is trying to convey because he talks about how we need to learn to appreciate the poor and follow in Jesus’s footsteps with consideration of his words and actions. In Chapter 4, Pope Francis also discusses the vulnerability of certain groups and the progress of building a people in peace, justice, and fraternity.
Two points from Chapter 4 that I would like to discuss involve the vulnerable groups that Pope Francis mentions and the ethical challenges surrounding those groups. Some of the vulnerable groups...

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