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Ethical And Cultural Issues In Bcp

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Recent world events have challenged many to prepare to manage previously unthinkable situations that may threaten the future of a business. Business continuity planning involves issues that need to be addressed throughout its development. There are many factors that may be influenced by a disaster and that is why one must think ethically and culturally when developing a business continuity plan. Even a fine food distributor like Kudler Fine Foods must identify its limiting resources and time restrictions while addressing each of these obstacles in a ethical and cultural sensitive way.Kudler being an upscale specialty food store and stocked with the very best domestic and imported foodstuffs, there are limiting resources that must be identified. These limiting resources are critical in determining the importance of ethical and cultural considerations relevant to Kudler’s business continuity planning. Limiting resources are the resources that control the overall production of Kudler. When developing the business continuity plan, the ethical and cultural considerations are much more relevant in the need for their inventory and supply chain overview. This includes having the necessary products on hand for Kudler to be successful in the production and continuity of their business.Kudler has department managers, which are an important resource as they limit the ability of obtaining the best price, quality, and delivery of their products. Ethical and cultural considerations are highly relevant to these department mangers being vital to the supply chain of Kudler. Oftentimes employees find themselves in meeting standards in an unethical manner. For example, if Kudler’s department mangers selected a lower quality product for the need of a better price, it may be seen as an ethical issue in that Kudler would not be providing their customers with the higher quality foods even though convenient. This in turn is a cultural consideration for Kudler’s continuity in deciding if this would be at their best in maintaining customers satisfied. Even though “low probability of a disaster means an obligation to search for the lowest cost solution” it wouldn’t make sense to allocate resources with a higher probability of risks relating to customer satisfaction (Myers, n.d.).Kudler must also consider their suppliers. Having some of their products shipped in, gas may be found as a limiting resource to the company. Ethical and cultural issues must be considered with such a resource, as gas is highly dependant on Kudler receiving their imported products. Ethical issues relevant to Kudler’s business continuity may include the risks due to changes in gas prices along with the polluting of the environment. Culturally, Kudler needs their products in being able to provide their total customer satisfaction (University of Phoenix, 2008) whether preparing for a disaster or resuming operations.Time restrictions in handling ethical or cultural...

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