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Ethical And Legal Considerations Scenario Essay

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There will be many scenarios that can challenge a counselor. However, when there are specific cases that involve harm to the clients’ person or another a counselor must follow the processes outlined in the bylaws of the American School Counselor Association. These outlined processes serve two important purposes, the purpose of protecting the client and the purpose of protecting the counselor. This paper will answer questions in response to the scenario of Angela. Scenario: Angela is a 16-year-old sophomore referred by a teacher who states that she is not functioning well in class and appears to be depressed. During the initial session with Angela, there was an assessment of Angela’s suicidal thoughts. Angela admits that she has had suicidal feelings off and on for the last few months since she broke up with her boyfriend. She said that they had sex and that she is now feeling remorse and guilt, because it is against her family values. She also believes it is her fault that they broke up.
What ethical considerations and processes must you consider in working with Angela?
There is an ethical duty to report a client of any age when there are reports of suicidal attempts or ideation. Confidentiality is a consideration, but the safety of Angela is the first priority. There is a legal and ethical duty to report if there is a foreseeable harm (Remley, T. P., & Herlihy, B., 2010). A counselor must be knowledgeable of the proper assessments and tools, and should consult other professionals when needed. Because Angela is a student and minor the school must inform guardians and the appropriate authorities that Angela is a danger to herself. A counselor must use caution and consult with other counseling professionals to assure the proper steps are taken (American School Counselor Association", 2010).

What legal considerations must you consider in working with Angela?
When a student that presents as a danger to self, the counselor and school must make the proper arrangement to ensure the student is protected under the proper supervision. According to the American School Counselor Association, "Understand the legal and ethical liability for releasing a student who is in danger to self or others without the proper and necessary support for that student” (2010). To protect the student client, a counselor is also to keep the counseling notes in their possession and apart from the educational notes. A counselor must ensure proper record keeping in accordance with laws, regulations, procedures and confidentiality guidelines ("American School Counselor Association", 2010.).
How would the ethical and legal considerations be different if Angela were an adult?
If a counselor believes that a client is not in immediate harm and has communicated ideations, it is important to notify somebody important in the clients’ life, preferably somebody who resides with the client. It is important to first consult with colleagues to verify the process needed. A...


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