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Ethical And Legal Issues In Ict

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Ethical and Legal issues in ICT
• Introduction
The consistent use of information and communication technology (ICT) in modern world enables us for countless opportunities for individuals, institutions, business organisations and scientists, but it also raises difficult ethical and legal problems. In particular, ICT helped to make societies more complex and thus even harder to understand. The use of ICT has led to changes in concepts: ownership, buying and selling, right to possession, theft, justice in the distribution of resources and access rights. During the nineties, the internet has grown into all business segments resulting in a large number of questions running. It has been noted that during those time period there has been merging of computers, telecommunications, and media which is further emphasized by the emergence of new issues and strengthening old ones.
• ICT and legal, ethical issues
The key issues of problems surrounding the application of ICT are: privacy, ownership, the responsibility, professionalism, social implications and values. It is beyond doubt that there are benefits of new technologies such as industry development, going to the moon, e- learning systems and improved diagnosis in various fields. Technology is advancing inevitable and with new advancement it creates a vacuum in the new legislation which is not always easy to deal with. The British Computer Society (BCS) and other professional computer organisations such as the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) recognise the need for today’s graduates to be aware of the issues surrounding the use of computers in all aspects of society. The BCS is committed to raising the awareness of future computing professionals and requires that the social, legal, and professional issues of computing be included in degree programmes in order for them receive accreditation.
• Ethical Issues
Ethics is a way of differentiating between what is acceptable and what is not acceptable behaviour. The first ethical issues concerning about ICT were namely about standards and routing administration, encryption, digital signature, internet service providers licensing, property rights, tariffs, computers, etc.(Graham,2000; Froelich, 2000; Frohmann,2000). Ethics is necessary on the net when speaking about protection of equity in the right access, respect for the interests and people rights, free speech or censorship, right to information, freedom of choice in the use or non-use of the internet and grounding virtual life. Ethical issues relates with the acronym PAPA – Privacy, Accuracy, Property and Accessibility (Mason, 1986). In software development there are several ethical issues that developers face. Some of them are mentioned below:
• Making use of open source in the code without referencing from where it has been retrieved:
Open source is source code that is available to developers. This means that the application contains the source code that was used to design it. There are three...

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