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Ethical And Moral Philosophies: Application To Business

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Define and Discuss Philosophies’ Application to Business
Business philosophy refers to application of theoretic framework to determine the manner in which a business entity deals with various forms of operation. It refers to formation and operation of a corporate entity in areas that include management, accounting, public relations, business operations, marketing, and training (Dahlsrud, 2008). Moral philosophy, on the other hand, refers to values that determine the rightness or wrongness of an action (Bartels, 2008). It is not easy to apply ethics and moral philosophies in business practices, particularly in a global competitive environment where the concept of right and wrong varies according to different cultures (Dahlsrud, 2008).
Application of moral philosophy in business occurs in four critical areas. These areas include: foremost, corporate culture- business ethics simply refer to the extent through which an organization has integrated moral philosophies into its global business practices. Corporate culture concerns itself with ways through which a business organization creates a culture of ethical and honest business practices through the creation of a code of conduct that the organization utilizes to shape the behavior of its workforce and leadership. Secondly, discipline- moral philosophy is applicable on a more practical degree in order to determine ways of disciplining employees who exhibit behaviors outside an organizations accepted norms and culture. Third, employee relations- moral philosophy enables a business enterprise to evaluate the continuous relations between employees and the management within the company, both in terms of ethical considerations and in terms of discipline, for instance, employee- manager relationship outside the organization. Four, public perceptions- moral philosophy enable the organization to evaluate how the community and the business community view its business activities (Dahlsrud, 2008).
Illustrate how moral philosophies can influence behavior and decision-making.
Moral philosophy is an essential factor in determining the behavior of a business enterprise within its areas of operation, especially in decision- making process. Business ethics defines the relationship between employee-to-employee, employee-to-management as well as the company- business community relationship (Bartels, 2008). A business entity makes its decision majorly in accordance to its code of conduct. Moral philosophy influence decision making in business organizations through ensuring application of major decisions in the enterprise, particularly, the enterprise core value that provide an avenue for the enterprise to allow for implementation of essential requirements necessary for the creation of constraining criteria. These requirements are important in networking organizational decisions. This focus on decisions influences decisions making criteria in an organization since network corporate decisions directly influencing...

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