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A question that many individuals ask themselves is, "What should I do?" Understanding a person's ethical perspective lies in the ability to make and justify personal ethical decisions. Ethics are the foundation of character. Ethical perspectives are the foundation for individual belief systems and have been categorized into four principles. Most people do not stay in each category throughout their lives, they move from one category to another as they change throughout life. The key to understanding ethics is to understand: what does one believe, why does one believe it, and how does one act upon those beliefs.This paper will explain the four ethical principles known as CORE, describe this writer's personal ethical perspective as described by the University of Phoenix Ethical Awareness Inventory and discuss issues that this writer is likely to face in addressing ethical dilemmas in the workplace.Ethical PerspectivesThe Ethics Awareness Inventory is a means of assisting individuals in developing awareness and understanding the CORE principles that are used in making ethical decisions. The first letter of each key perspective spells CORE, which stand for: Character/Virtue, Obligation/Deontology, Results/Utilitarianism, and Equity/Relativism (The Williams Institute for Ethics and Management, 2003).Character/VirtueWhat it is good to be, rather than what it is good to do. "Moral correctness is determined by character, motive, and core values. Emotions, attitudes, interests, and expectations are only a few aspects of virtuous ethics. Acts and decisions are selected based upon one's view of the person we ought to be rather than focusing on the specific actions that should be taken. If a person acts in a way that is not thoughtless, reckless, or impulsive, then they view their act as morally substantiated because a person with good character would never intentionally hurt or disrespect others" (University of Phoenix, 2008, ¶ 7).A person with the character/virtue perspective would be: U.S. President Jimmy Carter.Obligation/DeontologyWhat a person ought to do. "Moral authority is measured by the intention of the act or decision. If the act or decision treats all stakeholders with an appropriate amount of respect, and if everyone could logically be expected to act similarly in the same situation, then the act or decision is considered to be morally justified"(University of Phoenix, 2008, ¶ 5). Obligation/deontology perspective people could include: U.S. Attorney John Ashcroft and Rev. Billy Graham.Results/UtilitarianismThe ends justify the means. "Moral authority is measured by the consequences of an act or decision. An act is considered morally right if the benefit of the act produces the highest possible amount of "good" for the greatest number of people" (University of Phoenix, 2008, ¶ 4). To do what is right for the majority of the people. Some people who might follow Result/Utilitarianism perspective might be: Donald Trump and President...

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