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When we compare ethical behavior in our current business market to that of 10 years ago, the difference is quite obvious. Within the last 5 years we've witnessed numerous scandals amongst the worlds largest and wealthiest corporations. Many of these unfortunate acts of deception were the fulfillment of greed and thirst for power. Each individual in the business profession assumes a level of ethical and moral responsibility. Business owners of large corporations portray their company's moral expectations of each employee through a code of ethics. Sadly, we've seen this code broken by the employees of some of the world's leading corporations.Worldcom brought great promise to Mississippi; the establishing of such a company in a small Southern state like Mississippi started an economic boom that we are still enjoying today. The Worldcom scandal ruined the lives of many people who had their life savings in the company's stock. Mississippi was proud to be the birthplace of such a reputable company, it was unfortunate to find out that some of our own citizens were involved in "cooking the books" and eventually sending the company into bankruptcy. So many other corporations have been guilty of lying and deceiving the public- Enron, Arthur Anderson and Tyco, to name a few- and all of these individuals involved have one thing in common, greed. Ethics have taken center stage in business recently. Employees now question the loyalty of big time corporate employers. With the economy in it's current state, what is needed now more than ever is trust and honesty, especially from those in powerful positions.Recently three prominent businessmen in Madison County have been getting the attention of our local news media. These three men, by the names of James Butler, David Richardson and Don McGraw were indicted last year for a 1999 fraudulent land scheme that included purchasing land from an elderly woman and reselling it for more than three times the purchasing price. This unethical act effected the community a great deal because these three men were leaders in the community with ties to public offices. James Butler is the husband of the current mayor of the city of Madison, David Richardson is the former President of the Madison County Board of Supervisors and Don McGraw is a well-known attorney and business owner in Canton. We can assume that the basic needs of these men and their families were being more than met, therefore we can also assume greed to be the foundation of such an act. Abuse of power also comes into play, all three men possessed some level of public authority and they abused this power when they contacted this elderly woman about selling her land. The deal didn't go quite as planned, the men ended up being sued by the family of the seller and the FBI was successful in getting the men to turn against each other, thus the deception continued. The case is scheduled to go to trail in June of this year. In order to attempt to identify a...

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