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Ethical Case Studies Essay

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Ethical principles are the base of any case study and being able to up hold ones ethical standards is an important part of conducting a case study as well. In the first case, in which the study of the relationship between management and their employees and in the third case where the study of the relationships among a group of around 200 people in a complex, the ethical principles will be discussed. Also to be discussed will be the strategies suggest by the experts to ensure the ethical standards of the research, if those strategies were successful, if there are any alternate techniques that may have accomplished the same or better results in the studies and which of these two cases presents a more successful usage of research ethics. The ethical standards and principles and how they are followed are key to the success of a case study, in the first case what ethical issues did they encounter.
The detail of the first case is as follows, the researcher is to do some follow-up research on how employees feel towards their managers at two different institutions. The researcher applies and to the ethics committees and receives permission to do the study under the conditions that one, the research must be done anonymously and no records can be kept and second, one of the institutions says that the researcher must receive signed consent forms from all of the participants. The next portion says that the researcher doing the study asked the previous or original researcher what they did to overcome the situation of getting the consent forms and not keeping records, to which the response was, they encouraged the informants to sign with false names to protect their names. What are the ethical principles that are an issue from this brief over view of the case?
First off there are contradicting requirements, not keeping records and keeping names anonymous by having the participants sign the consent forms. Israel and Hay explain that the reason behind keeping the participants anonymous is to protect them from what may happen if the managers find out who said what, this is called nonmaleficence (2006). This is one of the most important ethical principles; protecting the people that agree to participate in any study from negative reactions found from the results of the study. Or as defined by Regis University “The principle of nonmaleficence states that we should act in ways that do not inflict evil or cause harm to others.”
Another ethical issue that was brought forward was the idea of having the participants sign with false names on the consent forms. This is an issue because some people consider this providing false information, which in itself is unethical.
Now that the ethical issues have been discussed and defined, what suggestions were made to prevent ethical malpractice? For the first issue there were a couple of suggestions given to make sure that these standards were up held. One commentator suggested that as a researcher one must be flexible in...

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