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Ethical Conflicts That Can Arise Within Companies

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The problem to be investigated is the conflict that can arise within companies between doing what is right (or moral) and doing what is often viewed as more important the attainment of corporate goals. This conflict is highlighted in the case study involving Fannie Mae (FM). (Jennings, 2009) In this case, corporate executives choose to focus on corporate goals and meeting the market expectations, ignoring any moral issued witch conflicted with the attainment of their goal. (Jennings, 2009) To understand the reasons for the executives actions and learn from their mistakes and misjudgments the following topics are reviewed: 1) ethics and social responsibility, 2) the importance of devolution, 3) the power and value of incentive plans, 4) the rational for legitimate income smoothing, and 5) the impact of pep talks.

FM is a federally chartered shareholder-owned corporation. The organization is charged with the goal of increasing affordable housing availability and to attract investment in the housing market. Coupling the federal charter and the goals of shareholders FM needs to walk a fine line between ethics and business practices. FM was named the most ethical company in the United States by Business Ethics magazine in 2004. (Jennings, 2009) Unfortunately, there was a darker side to the FM story. Corporate executives choose to focus on corporate goals and meeting the market expectations, ignoring any moral issued witch conflicted with the attainment of their goal. (Jennings, 2009) To understand the reasons the reader needs to be aware of several pieces to the FM situation including: 1) ethics and social responsibility, 2) the importance of devolution, 3) the power and value of incentive plans, 4) the rational for legitimate income smoothing, and 5) the impact of pep talks. (Jennings, 2009)
Ethics Recognition
Ethics is the culmination of many traits. These traits include: personality, attitudes and individual characteristics. To look at ethics, one must understand that any situation involves looking at an ethical situation critically understanding the numerous drivers of the behavior. To understand ethical behavior is realize the relationships between theory, law and personal morality as they relate to the situation. (Solberg, Strong, & McGuire, 1995)
Though often used interchangeably, there is a significant difference between social responsibility and ethics. Social responsibility is generally the idea of large corporations having a strong role of “citizenship” in a community. Ethics, on the other hand, is the personal and individual values and beliefs. (Sternberg, 2009) Social responsibility does have a moral aspect to it whether implied or expressly written. (West, 2009)
Defining what is moral or ethical is not easy. Different societies and different individuals have different beliefs. Though there may be some commonalities to these beliefs there are also differences. (Clarke, 2004) Clarke...

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