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Ethical PerspectiveEthical perspective is the highlight situations that can affect investors and the consumer attitudes, in both the long and short-term capability (Ethics Perspective, 2012). For example, investors and consumers that invest in stocks and bonds is an ethical perspective. This will affect both parties because the investors and the consumers will miss money. The highlight of the situations is the fact that investors are laying out money or money in an initiative with the expectation of profit, (Investors, 2012) also the consumers are purchasing the stocks and bonds. If the stock market crash than the attitude of both parties will lead them to not invest or buy any stocks or bonds.Another ethical perspective considered as the norm in America is the equal treatment of all individuals. This has not always been the case in America, but the country has come a long way and it is now ok to say that everyone has a fair chance. The equal treatment includes all races and genders. In particular, African Americans, women and other minorities have had issues before but now all have opportunity. In other countries or cultures, women have other rules and usually do not carry the same status as men do. Women in America have the right to vote, dress however, they choose, and do pretty much anything a man is allowed to do. The country is set up to have the same rights for all American citizens at this time unlike several other countries.In countries like China, manufacturing is at an all-time high because countries like ours' pay them to make so many things. Electronics, fabrics, and furniture are created at a record pace because they believe that through collaborative efforts, the economy can thrive in order to create shared success amongst the people. This has become a cultural norm in China's economy. Although their country draws heavy criticism for their business practice and employee treatment, the results that their products bring cannot be doubted. In the past few years, several ethical issues have become known, specifically in regards to the safety of their employees. Just a few weeks ago, smog in Chinese skies was so thick that a "factory fire raged out of control unnoticed for hours after local residents were unable to distinguish the smoke from the dense smog" ("China Fog Masks Factory Fire", 2013). Their business practice is booming, but is costing them a healthy environment. In a sense, they are working themselves into the ground.From a more domestic point of view, cultural prejudice has also produced an ethical perspective that highlights the negative aspects of what is considered American. For example, the climate in America towards citizens who are of Middle Eastern decent as well as those who observe the Muslim faith as a religion has dramatically been altered since 9/11. The spouse of a member of this team is an...

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