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Ethical Dilemma Essay

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An ethical dilemma is an incident that causes us to question how we should react based on our beliefs. A decision needs to be made between right and wrong. I have experienced many ethical dilemmas in my lifetime, so I know that there is no such thing as an ethical dilemma that only affects one person. I also know that some ethical dilemmas are easier to resolve than others are. The easy ones are the ones in which we can make decisions on the spot. For example, if a cashier gives me too much change, I can immediately make a decision to either return the money or keep it. Based on Kant’s, categorical imperative there are two criteria for determining moral right and wrong. First, there is universalizability, which states, “the person’s reasons for acting must be reasons that everyone could act on at least in principle.” Next there is reversibility that states “the person’s reasons for acting must be reasons that he or she would be willing to have all others use, even as a basis of how they treat him or her” (Velasquez, 2006, p. 79). Because I was bought up in a home where we lived by the golden rule there is no way I could have kept the money. The decision to return the money is consistent with Kant’s criteria for right and wrong (Velasquez, 2006, p. 79). Kidder (1995), suggest three principles for resolving dilemmas.
1. “Do what’s best for the greatest number of people (utilitarian approach)
2. “Follow your sense of principles (Kant’s rule based approach)
3. “Do what you want other to do to you” (care based approach).
The ethical dilemma that I will discuss is one that affected me, my relationship with my colleagues, my customers, and my employer. This was not easy to resolve, because of the number of lives that were affected. It was imperative for me to make the right decision in order to ensure that the least harm was done. My moral character was being tested and because it could have a negative effect on other people’s lives, I wrestled with my own beliefs. I needed a
plan that worked best for all involved, and one that would not cause me to compromise my morals. I will discuss the dilemma, how it affected me, and how I made a decision I could live with.
In my profession as a technology consultant one of my responsibilities were to work with the sales team to assist in the architecture of Information Technology solutions to solve customer problems. I worked with the salespeople throughout the sales process to ensure that customers purchased all products necessary for a successful implementation. One of my responsibilities was to make a final review of sales quotes to verify no mistakes were made. When I traveled outside of my territory to work with customers, the sales quotes were reviewed by consultants from that area. The dilemma occurred at a customer site outside of my territory. I had never met the salesperson or the customer. The only information I had was a scope of work for the...

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