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Ethical Dilemmas In The Everyday Workplace. Describe What You Believe To Be The Correct Course Of Action.

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In current corporate history, ethics have either been taken for granted or discovered to be missing. As we've all seen these mammoth stories played out in the media, the second has been more widespread. Ethics infringement have emerged in a congregation of industries few had paid much attention to, until now. This paper will review three ethical predicaments and what should be done in order to build moral equivalence in the workplace.A customer wants a refund and the company policy is "no refunds." No matter how unfair the employee believes this to be, the employee should newer verbally agree with the customer; this shows distrust in the corporation the employee is working for. The employee should simply explain to the customer that it is company policy. If the customer becomes irate, the employee should offer to the customer to speak with the manager. After the situation has resolved itself, no matter the outcome, the employee could write a proposal to change the company policy and prove to the employer that if refunds were allowed it would actually draw in more business. If the public knew a company would not allow them to return merchandise because they were dissatisfied, then the public would not return to that company. Nevertheless, if the business is unwilling to alter its policy, then the employee should either learn to live with the employer's decision or simply find another job that is more congruent to his or her ethical standards.A co-worker is being harassed and is afraid to say something to his or her superiors. A fellow employee...

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